A question everyone would want to know an answer to. In a world with multiple learning options for the candidate, what justifies selecting any one over the other?

While choice enables you to choose the best, the numerous choices available also create more confusion in the mind of a candidate. More than learning, a bit of guidance is necessary to enable to candidate make informed choices. At FinShiksha, we believe in guided and 100% learning. We believe in helping candidates make informed career choices, and we guide them along their career.

We do not believe in a one-time interaction model, where the candidate is interacting with us only for the duration of the program. All our candidates are free to attend the programs they have enrolled for multiple times – without any extra charges. Also – we do not offer a platter of courses with no guidance, since the candidate needs more help to choose about what course is suitable for her/him. At FinShiksha, our aim to not to just train, but to empower the candidate and enable them to make informed choices.