Basic Rs 1500

Basics of Financial Statements

This Short Online course aims to give participants a head start while approaching financial statements..

1 week
Intermediate Rs 4900/6400

Certification in Applied FSA

Certification in AFSA elevates Financial Statement Analysis to an advanced level, where the candidate tries to decode ev..

1 month
Intermediate Rs 5400

Certification in Applied Economics

If you are someone who is fascinated by Macroeconomics and its implications in top down financial analysis, and want to ..

1 month
Intermediate Rs 4900/6400

Equity Valuation Primer

Equity Valuation Primer aims to give the candidate an introduction to the world of Equity Valuation and Financial Model ..

1 month
Basic Rs 2500

Certification in Financial Modeling

Certification in Financial Modeling Program aims to equip the participant with strong working knowledge of Excel, and it..

1 month
Advanced Rs 11900

Certification in Equity Valuation

Certification in Equity Valuation Program is a self-paced program, which is an extended version of our program on Equity..

3 Months
Basic Rs 1500

Corporate Finance Essentials

This course is a primer on some of the major Corporate Finance Concepts used in finance, and is primarily helpful for st..

1 week
Advanced Rs 17000

FinShiksha Analyst Program

This program would be a combination of 3 programs – AFSA (advanced), Equity Valuation (Advanced) & Applied Economics (..

8 months
Intermediate Rs 4900

Certification in Applied Derivatives

Unravel the world of derivatives..

2 months
Basic Rs 2500

Finance Essentials for Interviews

This course aims at preparing the candidate for most major questions that might appear in interviews for internships and..

2 weeks